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 Basic questions and answers

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Basic questions and answers Empty
PostSubject: Basic questions and answers   Basic questions and answers EmptyTue Apr 28, 2009 3:45 pm

Here are some basic Q & A's I came up with for the forum.
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Q: How do I change my username?
A: It's simple, you can't. But if you would like your username changed fill out this forum (below) and send it to the Admin (Sarah).
Current Username:
New Username:
Reason for New Username:

Q: How do I add an avatar?
A: Click 'Profile' and on your right hand side it should have a small list, click 'Avatar'. You can browse through the sites avatar gallery or upload your own via internet or desktop. Also I would like to note avatars should be no larger then 150x150.

Q: How do I add a signature?
A: As mentioned above go to 'Profile' and you should see a list on your right hand side, click 'Signature'. Signatures should be no larger then 470x470, any larger and the Admin or one of the Mods will have to accept or deny you request for a larger signature. Also only four rows of text is permitted.

Basic questions and answers 2kkle9
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Basic questions and answers
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